Rachel Berry’s Diary. A Finchel Story. Chapter 1.

January 1, 2012

3 hours of sleep

487 glasses of wine. And champagne. And vodka.

56 chocolte bars

0 „Happy New Year” cards from someone who is not one of my dads or friends

Rachel Barbra Berry, why does your fathers always make this party on 1st of January? Why can’t they wait until the hangover ends? Like seriously, do they ever celebrate New Year’s Eve? How can they organise the „ Berry’s Annual First Day Of The Year Party „ for about fifty people? And how can all the guests make it? Okay , maybe their friends are too old to dance all night with their best friends and a wine glass . But why are they bringing their sons and daughters there? Like Noah , last year all he could do was sit in the corner and wait for his parents so he could drive them home. I hate it. Shit. My phone is ringing, see you later, diary!

Rachel closed her diary and took her ringing phone. „ Ohh… „ She sighed after reading the caller’s ID : Dad

„ Hey , sweetie, are you ready? „ Her daddy asked. He definitely hasn’t a huge hangover. She thought.

„ Hi.. Ummm , I’m almost ready .. „ She really hoped that ‘just got out of the bed’ could mean almost ready.

„ Rachie, „ She hated when her dad called her like that „ the party has already started. If you do’t hurry , the cutest guys will already be busy with other girls. „

„ Dad, you know that there are no guys I would date there. „ Rachel sighed, trying to find something to wear to the party.

„ But sweetie, you have to find someone. How about Sam Evans? You two would make a good looking kids. „ Rachel tried not to laugh when she thought about having a kid with Sam, he was great and good looking but she knew his parents. His mother would want her to wear light blue clothes all the time.

„ Dad, you know I can’t be together with someone I have known for years as a friend. „ Rachel said, trying not to tell him that she didn’t actually like any of her so called friends.

„ Oh sweetie, you haven’t seen Carole and Burt’s son! „ Her dad exclaimed like if she saw him she would fall in love with him.

„ Dad, I have met him. Kurt is gay. „ Rachel said, while with the hand that wasn’t holding the phone she was applying her make up. „ Shit! „ Her chin was now with pink lipstick.

„ Did I hear that word, Rachel? „ Her dad always hated when she used curse words.

„ Dad , I’m sorry. „ She wasn’t. Why couldn’t she just use any fucking word she knew?

„ So, where we were, oh, Hummels . You have met Kurt , he is Burt’s son but Carole has one too. You have to meet Finn! He is visiting this town only for four weeks and you two should go out somewhere. „ Rachel wanted to laugh - last time her dad organised her a date was with Mike . Her dad had told him that her car wasn’t working ang he could check it. Well, little did he know that Mike was engaged to his fantastic asian fiance who was expecting their baby.

„ Dad , I don’t want your organised dates. I can find a man without your help. „ Rachel finally had made her face look good enough to go out. She was a small petite brunette with a huge nose and small breasts. Obsessed with Broadway ( dreaming of being a Broadway star one day) but working as a music teacher. Without her nice eyes and good butt, she would ( without a doubt) end up with ten cats.

„ But you are twenty-eight , darling. I still can’t hear the wedding bells ringing. „

„ Dad, do you have to talk about it now? I promise I will talk to that Tim or what was his name.. „ Rachel just wanted this conversation to end.

„ Finn! Okay , see you later! Dress yourself nice , the purple dress we bought you for Christmas would match with Finn’s shirt! „ She hung up before Dad could say what shoes she should wear to match with that guy’s tie. She made her way to her closet and took a simple black dress with a pink leather jacket and black heels. She would never wear that purple dress with polka dots, her dads still thought that was her style but she had grown up, in high school she used to dress like a little girl but no longer. Since she had realised she had a nice butt, she has been wearing much sexier clothes. She took her bag and walked downstairs.

„ Telephone, wallet, keys. „ She checked her bag after locking the door and jumped in her car. She turned on her favorite Barbra Streisand’s disc and sang along the songs.

After ten minutes she was at her dad’s house. So bad her daddy saw her parking so she couldn’t run away no more. She got out of the car, lowering her dress a bit so it ended by her knees and saw her dads running out of the house.

„ Rachel! „ Daddy hugged her, causing her almost fall from her high heels.

„ It is so nice to be here. „ She managed to say between being pressed to her dads’ chests.

„ Come in! „ Her dad took her hand and they walked in. The house was kind of full, as she thought ,Noah was sitting in the corner of the room, watching how his parents were dancing with each other. She felt bad for him – everyone knew all he wanted to do was to have sex with girls and she relaly could see how unhappy he was. Every year he tried to get in Rachel’s panties but she didn’t let him ,and that made his 1st of January even worse.

„ Carole ! „ Daddy yelled causing all the Hummels turn to their side. Fantastic.

„ Leroy! Hiram! „ Carole hugged both men and looked at Rachel. „ Oh , you look stunning ! „ She kissed Rachel’s cheeks . What’s better than to have red lipstick on your cheeks?

„ Thank you , Carole! You look good too! „ Rachel smiled .

„ Oh, you have to meet Kurt, he has been asking if you would want to sing at his wedding. He is going to have a band, but he thought you could sing while he and Blaine are going to have their first dance. „

„ Oh, sure. I would love to. „ Okay, you never know what can happen , Rachel. Maybe Barbra Streisand is going to attend the wedding. Rachel tried to find something good in saying yes.

„ Kurt , Finn ! „ She yelled at the two guys sitting by the table and they stood up. Shit,shit.

„ There are you! Kurt , Rachel is going to sing at your wedding. „ Carole said and Kurt looked actually happy. Sometimes all he was doing was a bit too gay but she liked him , and she knew one of her best friends , Blaine, wouldn’t marry a bad guy so Kurt was one of the only ones from this party she liked.

„ Rachel , thank you ! „ He wrapped his arms around Rachel’s neck and hugged her.

„ I ‘ll send you the bill later. „ She laughed. That was awkward. There she was . In the middle between Carole and Kurt. And next to Kurt was that Finn her dad had been talking about. She realised her dads had left at some point, it felt even more awkward.

„ Kurt, you and I should go out to take a look at Leroy’s roses! Finn, accompany this young lady please! „ Carole yelled and she and Kurt left.

„ I am Rachel Berry. „ She smiled, okay , he looked pretty good. Now she had to find the problem with him.

„ Finn Hudson. „ He shook her hand and looked away . That shocked her. He should have looked at her not at the stupid wall clock.

„ You are … you are very tall. „ Shit. Fuck. Shit. Can you be more stupid?

„ You are pretty short. „ He still was looking at the wall clock. Seriously? You didn’t even look at me. What is so interesting there that you haven’t checked me out yet? It wasn’t like she wanted him, or even liked her, she was just shocked why he didn’t like her. Everyone at these parties liked her. Every man ( who was single, of course ) liked her. He hadn’t even checked her out. Why did I have to wear so tight dress if this guy is totally strange and stupid?

No, she was not going to give up, she needed to make this guy interested. And then leave him,like in movies. She dropped her purse.

„ Oh! „ She sighed and leaned down to pick it when happened the worst what could ever happen. She hated that sound. The broken hem sound. She took the purse and stood up again. It wasn’t me. My dress must be okay. She tried to calm herself down. But something in Finn’s look made her worry.

„ Your dress… „ He tried to say politely.

„ Is anything wrong? „ She looked up at him, he was really tall.

„ I think you should check it. It was nice to meet you. „ He gave her a smile that definitely was fake and walked away. What a jerk! She walked to the bathroom not knowing why everyone was staring at her butt. Okay, for the young men it was okay, but why did all the old ladies stare at her? Jealous. She smiled thinking about that she had the best ass in the whole party. She entered the bathroom and glanced at herself at the mirror. Look really great. He is so stupid. She turned around to check if her hair looked okay from the back.

„ OH GOD. „ She almost scramed. The hem that had broken actually was her dress’ hem. She realised why everyone had stared at her butt. Becouse they could see it. Her black lace thong didn’t hide anything. „ Oh god, oh god.. „ She tried to think of something that could make everyone lose their memory.

„ Jacket! „ She took her pink jacket and tied it around her waist. Better they see your small boobs than your ass. She put her best smile on and walked out of the bathroom, everyone staring at her again. She realised that Finn was looking at her too. She needed a drink. She walked over the drinks table and took a glass and filled it with whisky. She needed to drink. She emptied the glass in a few seconds. Shit.Noah was walking over her.

„ Hey, look sexy today. „

„ Thank you. „ Rachel smiled. Her dads wouldn’t forgive her if she told him to walk away as soon as possible from her.

„ So , enjoying the party? „ Noah moved closer her.

„ Yes, I am. But I have to find my dads now, sorry. „ She walked away . This party was the worst „ Berry’s Annual First Day Of The Year Party „ ever. Even the year when she somehow kissed her dad’s friend was better. She was walking upstairs when she heard her name being called by her dads. That made her turn around so fast that her heels managed to make her fall. As she felt very strong arms holding her , she looked up to see the man’s face. God no. Even falling down the stairs would have been better that falling in Finn Hudson’s arms.

„ I’m sorry. „ She managed to say and stand up. She blushed and walked to where her fathers were. I need to get home. I can’t stay here . This day can’t get any worse.

„ Thank you , Finn! „ He daddy yelled at the man and he smiled at them. Seriously? You didn’t smile at me but smile at my dads?

„ Dads, I ‘m feeling really bad, I think I’ll go home now. „ She lied , touching her stomach as if she had eaten something bad.

„ Do you really feel that bad? „ Her dad asked, he looked worried.

„ Yes, I’ve got a headache too. „ She hated to lie like this but she had to get home.

„ You can’t drive if you have that serious headache. „ Her dad said and walked away.

Who said this day can’t get any worse?

Her dad walked back with Finn.

„ Darling, Finn is going to drive you home, okay? Thank you , Finn. „

„ I really can drive myself home. „ Rachel said as she was walking downstairs with Finn.

„ It is okay. „ Finn responded. Not a single emotion was in his voice.

„ No , I can really drive, I fell better already. „ Rachel tried to lie.

„ I promised your dad I would get you home. „ They were walking out of the house to his car.

„ I can’t walk so fast. „ Rachel said as they were walking. She almost hated him. He looked over at her and saw her shoes.

„ Oh.. „ He sighed. Did he seriously didn’t like women wearing high heels?

He opened the car’s door for her and then walked to the driver’s seat.

„ Where? „ He asked like he was a taxi driver.

„ You know where the wine shop is? I live like next to it. „ Rachel said ,and he turned the car on and started driving. The car was very expensive , she had to admit.

Complete silence. She wanted to jump out of the car. She hated the awkward silence.

„ So, what are you doing? „ She asked.

„ I own a company . „

„ Oh, and do you live here? „ Rachel tried to make conversation.

„ No, I live in New York. Just visited my parents. „

„ It’s really nice. „ Could you say something that would sound more stupid?

„ Here? „ He asked when he had reached the wine shop.

„ Yes, thank you. „ She gave his cold face a smile and got out. She got home and threw the shoes away – it actually wasn’t easy to wear them. Rachel took her phone and called her best friend.

„ Berry? „

„Santana, this officially was the worst day ever. „ Rachel laid down on her bed.

„ Tell me what happened. „

„ You know the party my dads organise… So they tried to leave me alone with Kurt’s brother. He was ice cold ,he didn’t even look at me and then I thought I should make the leaning down for something move.. And the hem of my dress broke. He told me I should check my dress and everyone was staring at me… Everyone saw my ass today. Okay , I was wearing a thong but it didn’t hide much… „

„ Oh , then he was looking at you. „ Santana laughed.

„No , he was just staring at the wall clock. „

„ But you said that he was the one who told you about your dress which means he saw you which means he was staring at you. „

„ Oh , at least my move worked. „ Rachel laughed. „ But then later I fell into his arms and now my dads asked him to drive me home. „

„ Oh, it seems you had a funny day. „

„ Really funny. Okay, I am pretty tired, let’s meet sometime next week ,okay? „ Rachel said before hanging up.

„ So fucking tired. „ She said and closed her eyes. It was her lucky day, after a few seconds of sleeping her phone rang.

You’ve got one message from Daddy

Hey, get better darling! And remember we have a dinner with Hummels at Finn’s new house here!

Fantastic. Fucking fantasic.

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