When secrets are no longer secrets . A Finchel story. Chapter 7.

A year passed. Finn had to deal with the baby, Quinn and now had a job. Thank God, for Burt- who offered him a job in the first place.

He opened the door of the flat they were renting and stepped in with the products Quinn had told him to buy.

"Oh, there you are. Could you have been any faster? I don’t even need the cheese anymore." Quinn said, sighing.

"I’m sorry!" He said exasperatedly. "There was a huge line at the market!" Finn took off his shoes and walked into the kitchen; placing the products on the table.

He took a cold beer from the fridge before walking into the living room to turn on the TV. He was tired, really tired. He hated the life he was living. The only thing that made his life better was Beth, their daughter. If there wasn’t her, he would never have left Rachel for Quinn.

Why was he thinking about Rachel again? Why couldn’t he just forget her? They had sex once. Of course they loved each other but they were together for a small amount of time. What they had was something strange and he felt like he should have chosen her. He had always wanted Rachel to be the one with his baby, she was the one he could live with but it was just a dream.

A dream. He couldn’t dream for too long because reality soon slapped his dreams in the face.

"Are you going to just watch TV?" Quinn asked as she walked into the room, her arms folded.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Well, you could help me!" Quinn said in a raised voice.

"How can I help you more than I already have? I spend ten hours working every single day and all you can do is gripe at me when I get home. So, how can I help you? PRINCESS „ He said sarcastically.

"Oh, so now I’m a princess? I have to spend all my time cleaning the house and taking care of Beth!"

"Oh, really?" Finn asked, getting up wearily. "When did you have time to get your nails painted?"

"That’s none of your business!"

"Then stop blaming me for wanting to chill out a bit when I get home after a long day at work!" he yelled, switching off the TV off before going to their bedroom.


He heard her calling after him but he ignored her. As he got in the shower and thought about how his life would be if there wasn’t a baby. He loved Beth, but he couldn’t help but wonder about what could have been.

He finished his shower quickly before putting on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. He walked into the bedroom and almost went back into the bathroom. He didn’t want to deal with Quinn right now.

"Finn, I’m sorry." Quinn was lying in the bed, only in her underwear. "Come to bed with me.. let me show you how sorry I am."

"Quinn, I’m not in the mood." Finn sighed and sat in his side of the bed they shared, enabling the alarm for the next morning.

"Finn…" She ran her hand under his shirt.

"Quinn, I said no! „ He covered himself with sheets and turned his back to her.

"Whatever Finn. Good night."

Finn sighed one more time and turned out the lights.

"Jesse!" Rachel exclaimed when she opened the door of her new flat.

"Rachel!" He hugged her tightly. "You look- fantastic! „ He gave her a kiss on cheek and handed her beautiful flowers.

"Oh, thank you!" Rachel smiled. "Do you want to come in?"

It was Sarah’s first birthday and the only friend Rachel had was Jesse. After giving birth to Sarah, Rachel decided to tell her fathers what happened, leaving out the ‘minor’ detail about Finn being the father. They would definitely kill him if they heard that he was the father.

A few months later it was Rachel’s birthday and she received an envelope from her fathers. Instead of a card she found a key and an address. It turned out they had bought her a flat that was in a good part of the city and had three furnished rooms. One for her, one for the baby and one for guests. They had told her she didn’t have to let them visit her if she didn’t want to but she did. She wanted to thank them and she wanted them to see Sarah.

They were really were great even helped her with money because they didn’t want her to have to work with a little baby. She felt happy she had such good fathers and finally a friend. Jesse was a perfect friend, she never understood why, but he always wanted to help her. He was one of the nicest people she had ever met. And there he was now – attending Sarah’s birthday party!

"I’d love to." Jesse said and walked in the apartment. "Where is the birthday girl?" He laughed.

"Oh, the birthday girl." She laughed, too, and placed the flowers in a vase. "Just a second." Rachel breathlessly and went to Sarah’s room to take her. A moment later she was back in the living room with Sarah in her arms. "Say hi to uncle Jesse!" She made her way to him and showed Sarah looking beautiful.

"Happy birthday!" He said, smiling as he handed Rachel a present.

"And again you didn’t have to.." Rachel sighed.

"Come on, this is a birthday party!"

"Fine!" She smiled and opened the box. There were some cute toys and a shirt that said, ‘I HAVE THE BEST MOMMY’. Rachel looked up, tears in her eyes.

"Thank you.." She said, hugging him .

"I hope that Sarah likes it!" Jesse said, letting her go.

"It’s time for cake!" Rachel laughed and went to kitchen to make tea and serve the cake.

After a few minutes they were sitting by the table and eating.

"Rachel.." Jesse seemed serious. "Does her father know?"

"Can we not talk about it?" Rachel said and took another bite of cake. She didn’t want to talk about Finn. She still loved him. As she heard , he is living with Quinn and everything was going great.

"I just think that he would deserve to know…"

"Jesse, it is too complicated…" Rachel sighed. "He has a family.. You know, I think I am okay with giving up on my dreams, with being a single mother.."

"Rachel, you still can have it all! I told you I can make you an audition and you can still be a single mother? Look at yourself! I think you should go out, I think every man out there would want to be with you!" Jesse’s words made Rachel feel better.

"Thank you. And what did you mean with the audition? The problem is, I haven’t even finished high school… I don’t think I can be on Broadway, even though I really want it." Rachel sighed, did she even had a hope to be there?

"You know you can still try. I’ve heard you sing, your voice is fantastic. Sometimes, if you act and sing really well, it doesn’t matter how much school you have finished. You have a pure talent, Rachel." Jesse smiled, "Maybe you should try someday."

"You know,I’ll think about it. Maybe I will try singing again. I will find someone who can look after Sarah and maybe I should try to be there." Her phone rang. "Oh , I’m sorry.. „ She sighed and went to the kitchen to take it. „ Daddy? Oh, she is sleeping. Thank you! Okay, talk to you someday, I’m a bit busy right now." She hung up and went back to the table. "My dads… they wanted to say happy birthday to Sarah."

"They seem to very nice." Jesse smiled.

"They are, they are really nice and supportive. I really don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for you and them."

"I’m sorry." Quinn mumbled as she ran into Puck.

"Wait." He took her by her wrist. "Are you happy with him?"

"I am."

"And how is your daughter?" he asked.

"She’s fine." She hated talking with Puck.

She thanked God that when she cheated on Finn with Puck that he didn’t want to be friends with him anymore. And neither Finn or Puck knew the truth about Beth. Quinn hated herself for that but that was it, she couldn’t tell the truth now. Finn seemed to love Beth too much to tell the truth.

"And how are you?" Puck never admitted that Quinn was more than just a high-school sex for him. He always had a thing for her.

"I’m good. We are getting married and I’m really happy, now let me go. I have to make dinner for my soon-to-be husband." Quinn walked out of the store as fast as she could. She couldn’t have a conversation with him. What if he tells Finn? She walked home and found Finn there with the five year old Beth.

"Oh, how was the walk?" Quinn asked as she threw her keys on the table and walked over Beth,giving her a hug.

"It was great, will you tell mom about the swans?" Finn smiled at Beth. She was perfection. He truly loved her and as years went by Finn started to feel something for Quinn. He sometimes thought of where would he be now if it wasn’t for Quinn and the baby. He thought about Rachel but he knew this was crazy. He had heard that Rachel had a baby herself soon after he broke up with her and she was trying to be a singer.

Finn realized that maybe this was how his life was meant to be – with Quinn, with whom he was going to get married, and Beth.

"Mommy, there were swans! They were so beautiful!" Beth exclaimed as she hugged Quinn.

"You two must be hungry, I’ll cook the dinner." She let her daughter go and went to kitchen to make lasagna. Since she was nicer to Finn, Finn was nicer to her and when Beth turned five, he proposed. She loved him. They both seemed to be pretty happy- except for the fighting of course, but they were happy.

"So, how did it go?" Jesse asked as Rachel answered his call.

"Horrible." she said.

"Date or audition?"

"Both. He was horrible. When he found out I was a single mother he said he had to go. Seriously? The only men who have loved me knowing I have Sarah were you and Josh.

And the judges told me they can’t have me because they can have a singer as good as I am who has finished high-school.” Rachel said and looked at her clock. She had a half hour to take Sarah from school.

"Oh, really? The judges are stupid but maybe Broadway is not what you need? You should start your solo career. As for the guy you went on a date with, he is stupid too. Seriously? You would be amazing even with three children. And stop thinking about Josh. You broke up with him. And trust me, you are going to be loved again. Emily is jealous of you." he laughed.

"I will think about it. Maybe I really should try recording some of the songs I have written.. And you are right, even though Josh loved me, he wasn’t the one for me. „ She paused after thinking about ‘the one’ , she remembered about Finn. She thought he would be the one for her. She even thought about visiting Ohio and seeing him, but it turned out he already has his ‘one’ – Quinn Hudson.

She dated other guys. When Sarah turned two, Jesse started organising her dates. Most of them were afraid to be with her becouse of Sarah but the one called Josh was not. They lived together for three years, they were happy, but when Sarah turned six they started arguing a lot. She knew Sarah hated it so she just decided to break up with him. She was not going to date a guy her daughter didn’t like. And now the dates started again.

She and Jesse had become best friends, they supported each other, he really liked Sarah and Sarah liked him. His fiance sometimes was jealous of their friendship but everyone knew she had no reason to be jealous – Rachel and Jesse had agreed to be just friends .

"He definitely wasn’t. And really, you have to record these songs. They are good, you’ll show them that you are better than that girl who hasn’t finished high-school."

"Thank you! You are the best! Okay, I’ll take a shower and then I have to get Sarah.. We are going to see a movie." Rachel smiled at the thought of having an evening with her daughter. An evening when she didn’t have to think about work the next day.

She had been working every Monday thru Thursday and got home only in the evening, she had to give hugs and say thank you’s to Jessica who was taking Sarah from school and babysitting her. But on Fridays Rachel was free. Free from the work she actually hated – she was working as a receptionist in some company that was selling things for offices. She didn’t like working there, people there weren’t very friendly.

Her dads had told her she didn’t have to work, but she just couldn’t let them pay for everything. But the bad work days made her enjoy her Fridays with Sarah. A movie, ice cream at home, and she let her sleep with her. They had fantastic connection. Though she had Finn’s look, Rachel had to admit it, she really was her daughter, she loved singing, she loved being with Rachel and that made her happy.

She had Sarah, Jesse and her dads. And she believed she would find a man and a job she would like. Maybe she really should try with her songs…

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